Art is a human activity, the product of this activity or the idea that we are in fact deliberately targeting senses, emotions and intellect. We can say that art is the essence of man, which distinguishes in nature, and that this activity has no clearly defined function.

Indeed, the definitions of this concept varies widely according to the times and places, and none of them is universally accepted. Thus, for Mauss, « a work of art, by definition, is recognized as such by a group object. « That’s why Collections artistic productions can be classified and valued differently in different cultures, authors and institutions.

Digital art is very promising. She points that has infiltrated all digital arts, visual arts to literature through the performing arts to the video games. This colonization began forty years ago and its schools, research centers and especially users, some of which are constantly diverting digital devices. Some forms of digital art are endemic to the digital worlds they belong to them, and are only available in these places. Thus, if a computer can mimic any musical instrument, it can also produce effects that are as inimitable dialogue with the user. it is « interactive, conversational, participatory, collaborative » But despite its extension, the digital still shunned by the elite and is one of the objectives of the book to the digital out of the anonymity or indifference wherein it is held

It is a word that appears in the introduction and that seems to be the figure not only digital art, but digital as a whole. It is the hybridization. It is hard to maintain the digital art in a single category. Still he escapes and escape attempts census. How to identify something that is always in the form of an extraordinary profusion. Already, the authors point, it is impossible to catalog digital works in the form of physical objects. Those based on the web are more difficult to grasp. And prevent « digital upset […] our relationship with time, the way we live or relive, to anticipate, we escape through art »


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